Meet Your Lactation Consultants

Dalaney Young

Dalaney Young BS MCH, IBCLC, Owner

Hello, and welcome to newday lactation services! My name is Dalaney Young. My philosophy is that the relationship between mother and baby is truly unique, filled with ups, downs and everything in between. My goal is to help moms meet their breastfeeding goals whether the goal is for 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years, breastfeeding is a journey and I am happy to help you tackle any bumps along the way! I believe that parenting is not a cookie cutter one size fits all endeavor, it requires thinking outside of the box and realizing what works best for you. While you may hear and read things that work for some, it may not always work for you and your family. As a mother of five I can relate to the ups and downs of breastfeeding and parenting and I am so happy to be able to share my knowledge and education and make a plan that is right for you.
I have my Bachelors degree in Maternal and Child Health with an emphasis in Human Milk and Lactation Consulting. Through my degree and extensive clinical experience I was able to sit for the board exam and get credentialed as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I currently sit as Co-Chair of the Virginia Breastfeeding Coalition and hold my Basic Life Support CPR including infant (BLS) certificate, as well as furthered education in oral habilitation for the breastfeeding dyad which includes extensive training in tethered oral tissues (TOTs).   I have helped thousands of mamas and babies  overcome breastfeeding challenges for over 10 years and truly love working with families to ensure they feel confident in their parenting and feeding choices so they can enjoy each day as a new day!

Congratulations on your newest addition!

Amy BlackAmy Black BS, IBCLC

Hi! My name is Amy Black. I’m passionate about women infant health and am a huge advocate of women during their pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding stages. I have been practicing lactation for over 7 years and have a specialized niche for premature, late preterm and sick infants as I also work in a local Level III NICU as their IBCLC. That being said, I always feel blessed to be able to work with healthy full term infants as well and keep up on all the latest lactation research to help you and your infant.

I also work for a lactation school assisting other women in becoming IBCLCs by working with hospitals to earn placement for their required internships.  I have been blessed to work with numerous IBCLCs throughout the United States by helping fledgling IBCLCs.  I look forward to coming to you and being part of this sacred time in your life. 

Congratulations on someone that truly changes it all!

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