How to Prepare for your Consultation

First and foremost, remember that my job is to help you feel comfortable with feeding and caring for your baby. Please do not worry about cleaning up the house or crating your animals! My goal is to make this a positive experience and help you to develop a plan to enjoy motherhood to its fullest.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to your consultation please do not hesitate to give me a call.

To prepare for your consult I ask that you:

  • Please try to schedule a time that your baby typically eats. I know with on demand feeding it can sometimes be unpredictable, however to get the most out of our time together try to hold off on a full feeding if possible.

Have available if possible:

  • receiving blankets
  • 2 wash cloths
  • bed pillows
  • a comfortable place for you to sit
  • a camera to take pictures of feeding positions
  • any tools that you have been using (i.e, breast pump, nipple shield ect.)
  • any creams you have been applying
  • water for you
  • any questions that you have been thinking about written down

Throughout the consult I will ask you questions to get acquainted with your situation. We will then address the problems and concerns you are facing and conclude the consult with a written care plan for you to keep. If need be, I will forward any pertinent information to you and your baby’s healthcare provider so we can all be on the same page with the plan.


To schedule your consultation please call newday lactation at 540-252-9008

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