When I called Delaney during my first week home with my son, I was stressed and already forced to supplement due to a bad latch. After one visit with Delaney, I felt much better and we were able to improve the latching issues. Delaney has a wonderful personality and will put you at ease. She is very responsive and continues to correspond with me and ask about my son. Breastfeeding can be incredibly stressful, but Delaney will put you at ease and help guide you through the process.


”Me and my child struggled a lot at the beginning with latching, Dalaney was able to help set up a plan that worked for my family and encouraged a healthy relationship with my infant through the struggle. I was so happy to have a lactation consultant that did not judge my feeding choices but helped me to reach my own breastmilk goal through exclusively pumping!”

Kimberly A. Stafford, VA

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