Delaney was PHENOMENAL! What an awesome experience and she was just so personable and just super sweet! She helped me with every issue I had and I’ve seen such a significant improvement in not even 24 hours.

Lizzy M, Washington DC

I’ve been nursing now for eight months and could not have done so without Dalaney’s calm guidance and expertise. We met with her after several weeks of unsuccessful attempts to breastfeed. My son and I were both growing so frustrated that I was contemplating quitting. Upon examining him and observing him nursing, Dalaney immediately diagnosed his tongue tie and recommended a pediatric dentist (who happened to also be amazing) to treat it. Since then, we’ve been successfully nursing. I cannot thank Dalaney enough for enabling me to have this wonderful bonding experience with my son! It has meant the world to us and we could not have done it without her.


When I called Delaney during my first week home with my son, I was stressed and already forced to supplement due to a bad latch. After one visit with Delaney, I felt much better and we were able to improve the latching issues. Delaney has a wonderful personality and will put you at ease. She is very responsive and continues to correspond with me and ask about my son. Breastfeeding can be incredibly stressful, but Delaney will put you at ease and help guide you through the process.

Bridgett B. Arlington, VA

“I can not speak highly enough of Dalaney at Newday Lactation. When I called her I was dealing with a painful latch, engorgement, and a fussy newborn. Dalaney came to our house and spent two hours meticulously checking for tongue tie, assessing my daughter’s latch, and doing before and after feeding weight checks. It was only through this detailed assessment that Dalaney realized my baby was having trouble transferring milk from me, but not from a bottle. By asking questions about the birth, she solved the puzzle and recommended the exact outpatient resources I needed. My daughter is now latching well, and I owe our breastfeeding relationship to Dalaney’s hard work. I will be quick to recommend Newday Lactation Services to anyone who is looking for a lactation consultant!!”

Bridgett B.


Kimberly A. Stafford, VA

”Me and my child struggled a lot at the beginning with latching, Dalaney was able to help set up a plan that worked for my family and encouraged a healthy relationship with my infant through the struggle. I was so happy to have a lactation consultant that did not judge my feeding choices but helped me to reach my own breastmilk goal through exclusively pumping!”

Amber Arlington, VA

”Who knew breastfeeding could be so hard at first? I was so glad to stumble upon such a wealth of knowledge through Newday Lactation services. Dalaney came to my home and really took the time to assess me and my baby’s needs, getting us off to a great start at breastfeeding!”

Abby Alexandria, VA

“Dalaney is amazingly talented at her job and has the perfect personality for making new moms feel comfortable and confident. She is quick to respond to inquiries, comes to you, and provides a ton of information during her session as well as a written plan, which I personally found incredibly helpful. She will also answer any questions that come up before or after your session as well, and as a new mom you never know what might pop into your head at 3am!!! Highly recommend New Day Lactation if you are a new mom with questions and/or concerns about breastfeeding, pumping, etc. I definitely plan to stay in touch with her throughout my journey!“

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